snails trail blocks

I cut fabric for the snails trail blocks over the weekend. This is the fabric that I dyed a while back. I couldn’t wait any longer to cut into it. I dyed  more colors than I needed, so these are the ones I decided to use in the quilt. picture-4988

I had to sew a few pieces today! I didn’t sew much because I needed to spend most of my time quilting. Maybe if I sew just a few minutes each day, eventually I’ll get the blocks made. Here’s one block laid out. picture-4989

I hope it looks ok when it’s done.

On another note. How many of you collected the state quarters? After 10 years, I finally put the last quarter in it’s place. YEAH!!picture-4991 It’s hard to believe that it took 10 years to collect the quarters. It seems like we just started them.  My, how times fly!!!

I guess that’s it for now.


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