quilting and the economy

I can’t help but wonder with the economy heading the way it is, just what can us machine quilters should  look forward to? How is it going to effect our business? I know that some quilt full time and  depend upon their quilting to pay bills, whereas others have a full time job and quilt on the side.

They were talking on the news this morning about all the jobs that are being lost today. I think they said like 57,000 more people were being laid off today from some of the large companies.  If people don’t have jobs are they still going to be having quilts machine quilted?

I beleive people will still continue to make quilts, but will they quilt them? How many old unquilted tops are there in this world? I know I have about 40 unquilted tops.  I keep making more tops, but when will they get quilted? When I need one?

I would love to hear comments  on how you feel about the economy and the quilting world.