blocks are done w/layout

Yeah!!! I just finished all the blocks on the monster quilt. Now I have to sew them into rows and sew the rows together. whew!! So far I have not used 1 pin in assembling the quilt blocks. Sharon Schambers tip on using Elmers glue is great!! I now prefer to glue instead of pin. Oh well, I’m just happy that the blocks are sewn.

I better go make myself presentable as I have a lady coming to pick up her quilt pretty soon. Later if I have time I’ll lay out the blocks and see how it looks. Then it’s off to the LA machine to get some quilting done.

Have a great day!!


Update………My lady came and picked up her quilt and I’ve laid the blocks out on the floor. I couldn’t put them on the design wall because I already have a quilt on there. See.I have the top row sewn together and the next 2 rows are stacked and ready to sew. The rest of them are waiting. Each star is a different print so I have to be careful not to turn them the wrong way. I also have to remember NOT to turn the fan on! Ask me how I know that?????? Luckily it only knocked half of the squares off.

Oh, I guess I’m getting a little carried away here! Back to the monster quilt. Here it is laid out on the floor. It will have 2 borders on it. A 2″ and a 4″. OK that’s it for now. I really need to go quilt. But how does the monster quilt look?


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