Well, here it is Monday. I did get some work done over the weekend. I spent several hours Saturday sewing. I have started sewing the blocks together on the monster quilt. I need 24 of these and I have 14 completed and the rest I just have to sew the 2 rows together.

I laid out one of the star blocks. I was debating on whether or not to use the green fabric or the orange polka dot that I’ll use for the inner border. I like the way the green star points pull out the green in the monster so I’m glad I chose it. 

I need to make 9 of the star blocks.

I didn’t get to sew much on Sunday because after church we usually go out to eat with my brother and SIL. Anyway, as we were leaving Bob Evans, I heard a meow in the parking lot and looked over and there was a little kitten in the parking lot. Well, I had no idea which one of the 100+ cars this kitten would have ridden in on, so he came home with me.  There are no houses around and the parking lot is between 2 busy streets and I just couldn’t leave him there with the probability of getting ran over! My DH kept telling me to put him down , put him down, put him down! my brother just shook his head, laughed and knew that it would go home with me!! Anyway, here’s Bob….

My SIL named him that since we were at Bob Evans.  Isn’t he cute?!! He has a bad habit of climbing under vehicles, so I hope we don’t give him an unplanned ride to town!! He’s getting spoiled already. My DH even went up the tree last night to get Bob down. LOL!

Well, I need to go get some quilting done. I didn’t quilt at all over the weekend and I have several customer quilts that I need to finish. Hope you have a nice day and I’ll post more of my monster quilt as I progress.


new header

I’ve been busy today quilting on a customer quilt. It’s huge. I was hoping to finish it today since I’ll see her tomorrow at my LQS, but it’s not going to happen. I took a break earlier today and changed the header on my page here. I think it looks better than the dull brown picture that I had on here before. I like bright colors and this looks more cheerful to me. Don’t you think so?

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great day.


I want to quilt

I want to quilt but instead of that, I’m waiting on my repairman to get here…….. I went to town today and picked up a few things at the grocery store just to come home and find that my extra fridge in the basement is not working. Everything in the freezer was melted and thawed out. What a mess!! I got it all taken out and will wait to see what John says when he gets here. The fridge is old and if it’s not worth fixing I’m not going to clean it out. I almost bought some ice cream…good thing I got sidetracked and forgot because my freezer upstairs is full. I guess I would’ve had to sit and eat the whole 1/2 gallon of ice cream. Maybe that wouldn’t have been so bad…………………….

Oh well, I did finish 2 customer quilts yesterday. I like the way she set this quilt. She put the blocks on point and made a zigzag instead of plain squares. I quilted feathers in that space. Maybe after John leaves I can get the next one loaded and get some of it done today.

I’ve been working on the HST needed for my monster quilt. Those seem to take forever. I’m using the paper that has the markings on it that you sew on the lines then cut apart. I like doing the HST that way because it seems faster. I think the pattern calls for 112 HST.

Johns here……..

Well, he got the fridge up and running. He had to put on a new part, I forget what he called it, but he said it should work fine now. I guess I better go clean it out before it freezes the mess that melted into the bottom of it. Then maybe I can get some quilting done.

Have a great day!


monster quilt

I designed a cat quilt a year or so ago and I’ve been meaning to write up the directions for it, but I never did. Anyway, my LQS got in a new line of fabric which has 6″ squares with little monsters on it, and I told her that the pattern of my cat quilt would be perfect for that fabric. So, she told me to let her know how much fabric I needed for it so that I could make it and of course…….I’ve lost the paper that I had everything written on!!

I went in yesterday and took the cat quilt and the layout of the pattern. We sat and figured how much fabric it would take and she sent that home with me. Today, I’ve been working on writing the pattern. I need to write the pattern and then make the quilt according to the directions. That way I should have all the correct numbers of squares and blocks.

Here’s a pic of the cat quilt.

I think the cats are so cute on this fabric. The squares weren’t quite 6″ but I figured they were close enough.

Anyway, here’s the new fabric with the monsters on it.

The green polka dots and the purple polka dots will make the criss cross on the quilt. I hope it comes out looking good. I think I’m ready for cutting now. I just hope I figured everything right!! I need to get the pattern written up, printed and the sample made and then she’ll cut kits for it. I sure wish I hadn’t lost the original! I know it’s around here somewhere……………….


Oh, the lady in charge of selling the mini’s at our quilt show, was at my LQS yesterday, she loved the sudoku one that I made. I showed it to her and the first thing she asked was “is that for the sale? I love it!” Hopefully, someone will buy it as it’s one of our big money makers for the quild.


I like to read Judy L’s blog and she’s always talking about using her stash so I decided to use some of my stash and make a sudoku quilt. I got out my sudoku puzzle book and went to the back where they have all the puzzles solved and picked one and then I took 9 of my charm squares and cut each one into 9 squares, numbered them and laid them out by number in the correct spot. Wow, I really used a lot of my stash. A whole 9 squares and some fabric that I had used on something else and had some strips laying there that were left over. I have to laugh!!! Anyway, I never have time to work on my own stuff, I’m always quilting on customer quilts, so I feel good that I got something done. We have a stash busters club at quild so I can get credit for making something from my stash. I have a larger quilt that I’m working on from my stash too, but in order to get in the drawing for this period, I have to show it next week and I can’t get it done in time. At our quilt show in Sept. we sell miniatures, so I’ll get this quilted and sell it at the show. I put a soup can beside it to show it’s size.

Well, I better get back to work. I loaded a quilt this morning and I guess I should go work on it. Have a great day.


seeing the quilting

I sure wish the quilting would show up on the quilts that they show on the Quilt Gallery website. The ad is in the McCalls magazine. They show a small picture of each quilt, then when you go to the site, you can see each individual quilt. The bad thing is that you can never see the quilting on the quilts. Check it out for yourself.

Here’s what the quilt looks like with the quilting. It really makes a difference.

I matched the blue thread so good that I couldn’t see it, the blue has some feathered hearts in it with stippling around them.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the quilting on the quilt. It’s just so plain without seeing the quilting.