new things to work with

Do you like to try new things? Here’s a few things that I’ve picked up recently.

One is a new ruler that has a moveable piece on it so that I can put it at the mark that I want to cut and the fabric doesn’t move under the ruler. Anyway, I think it’s a pretty neat ruler. The yellow piece has little lip type things that click onto the ruler.

The ruler is bendable so it’s easy to move the yellow part from cutting one size to another. The nice thing is that you just butt the ruler right up against the fabric and cut. You don’t have to worry about making sure that you’re on the right mark of the ruler.  Or that the ruler will slip while you cut. Anyway, I think it’s neat.

Another thing, is a little cutter. You can just push the blade out and snip threads. I think it’s great when I’ve chained a lot of pieces together, I can just use this and clip, clip, clip. I have one at my DSM as well as my LA machine. The blade stays out only if you push it to the end. If I’m just clipping a single thread I only push the blade out so far then it automatically goes back in.

The other thing I’ve gotten lately is the little wooden stick thing.LOL. I can’t think of it’s name!! A friend of mine gave these out at guild one night. She said they work great as stilettos. She picked up a bag of 50 for like $1.00. She breaks hers off about 4″ so it’s not so big. But hey, I feel sophisticated using that long stiletto! KInd of like the ladies back in the 20’s that used that long thing to put their cigarettes in. I don’t know why they did that, I guess it made them feel sophisticated! LOL!!

One last thing. How’s this for an iron? LOL!!! Mom and I were out running around one day and stopped at a Quilt shop and they had these near the register. I don’t know that I’ll ever use it but I bought it just cause it was CUTE! And you know some day I might need just a little iron for something.

Ok, that’s if for my gadgets. Let me know if you have any of these and if you like them.


4 thoughts on “new things to work with

  1. Cute little snipper and that iron is a adorable. That would be great for appliqué.
    That little wooden stick thing….is a bamboo skewer. I have a pkg of them and I break them in half like your friend does. But now I’ll have to try keeping it long. Maybe my 1/4 inch seam will be more sophisticated. heehee


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