Well, here it is Monday. I did get some work done over the weekend. I spent several hours Saturday sewing. I have started sewing the blocks together on the monster quilt. I need 24 of these and I have 14 completed and the rest I just have to sew the 2 rows together.

I laid out one of the star blocks. I was debating on whether or not to use the green fabric or the orange polka dot that I’ll use for the inner border. I like the way the green star points pull out the green in the monster so I’m glad I chose it. 

I need to make 9 of the star blocks.

I didn’t get to sew much on Sunday because after church we usually go out to eat with my brother and SIL. Anyway, as we were leaving Bob Evans, I heard a meow in the parking lot and looked over and there was a little kitten in the parking lot. Well, I had no idea which one of the 100+ cars this kitten would have ridden in on, so he came home with me.  There are no houses around and the parking lot is between 2 busy streets and I just couldn’t leave him there with the probability of getting ran over! My DH kept telling me to put him down , put him down, put him down! my brother just shook his head, laughed and knew that it would go home with me!! Anyway, here’s Bob….

My SIL named him that since we were at Bob Evans.  Isn’t he cute?!! He has a bad habit of climbing under vehicles, so I hope we don’t give him an unplanned ride to town!! He’s getting spoiled already. My DH even went up the tree last night to get Bob down. LOL!

Well, I need to go get some quilting done. I didn’t quilt at all over the weekend and I have several customer quilts that I need to finish. Hope you have a nice day and I’ll post more of my monster quilt as I progress.


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