I spent most of the day (between bus routes) quilting. I hope to get it finished tomorrow. Tonight I decided to work on a challenge for the longarm group that I belong to. (Although I seldom go to the meetings) But the challenge is a kit where each person makes the same identical quilt and then machine quilts it however they want. They are due in January at the MoKan meeting, but I figured I might as well get the top done and then try to think of how to quilt it. These will hang at MQS next year so I want it to look fairly nice. It’s not my colors, so I’m not too sure about it. I think it will have to hang on the wall and talk to me for awhile! LOL!!

I have all the blocks finished on my 8 year old mystery. I needed 30 of them. I had to cut a few more pieces in order to have enough. I’m glad that I kept all the fabrics in the same box. I’m working on adding sashings to the blocks now.

I haven’t worked on the new mystery that I started for awhile. I have most of the blocks pieced but put them aside to work on the old mystery. I can’t seem to work on 1 thing very long. I always want to do something different. Start something new!!! I guess that’s what I did tonight. (Piecing the MoKan challenge.)

I guess that’s it for now.


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