yee haw!

I found out yesterday that I won 2nd place in the wearables category at Innovations!! I entered my Wild Onion jacket. I entered 2 quilts too, but they didn’t win. I’ve had pretty good luck with this jacket. I entered it in 2 local county fairs and received Grand Champion ribbons at both of them. Now I got my first ribbon ever at a BIG quilt show. I didn’t think I’d ever get one because I don’t have a stitch regulator on my machine so for me this is such a great feeling of accomplishment. I think I’ll start planning my next jacket! I do have some ideas running through my head. Oh well, enough of that.

I didn’t work on my 8 year old mystery at all yesterday, so I better work 10 minutes on it today! LOL! I did get this weeks clue finished for the current mystery quilt that I’m doing. Plus I quilted on a huge customer quilt yesterday. I’m almost finished with it. Maybe another 45 minutes to an hour and it will be done. Then I have to put the binding on. (sewn down by hand) Hopefully I can be done with it and deliver it at guild tomorrow night.

I think I better get off here and get to work. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Update for today….the mailman delivered my quilts from Innovations. Here’s my jacket with it’s ribbon.  picture-1550.jpg

nothing new again

Well, there’s nothing new going on. I did get the black fabric that I ordered for my Lone star quilt. I haven’t cut it out yet because I know that if I cut it, I’ll want to start piecing it, and I want to do a couple other things first. One is that I started doing a mystery online. It will last about 6 more weeks. If I can keep up with it. LOL!

I’m still sewing a few minutes each day on the mystery quilt from 8 years ago. I have figured out that I’m doing the queen size. UGH! (why didn’t I opt for the smaller size????) By sewing a little each day I should get it finished in a year or so!! LOL!!

I’ve gotten several more customer quilts finished. I feel like I’m getting caught up. Maybe I can quilt another of mine soon. I have a fall row by row quilt that I made several years ago. Now would be the time to get it finished. That way I could have it out for fall. Think so? (I think about quilting it at this time every year, maybe this year will be different)

Ok, that’s it for now. Have a great one!



I sure wish I would have finished the mystery quilt that I started almost 8 years ago, because I am soooo lost on what to do with it now! LOL!! I have several baggies with numbers written on them, strips sewn together, and partial blocks. The instructions are not written clear enough to even know what it is supposed to look like. Oh, why did I wait so long? I think this may end up having an original look to it. I don’t even remember which size I am making!! LOL!! I am determined though that I will get it done. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. picture-1499.jpgpicture-1500.jpg

I have finished quilting several customer quilts as well as 1 of my own.The first one was for my LQS. picture-1463.jpg



Here is my quilt that I finally finished. I designed the pattern and had my friend Sharon piece it for me. I finally quilted it. I named the quilt “Purrr”sonality Stars. How’s that? LOL! I bought some fairy fabric to make another one using this pattern. I may have to see if Sharons up to piecing another one for me! LOL!!


I guess that’s it for now. I think I’ll go sew a few minutes on my mystery quilt. I haven’t sewn on it yet today and I try to sew at least 5 minutes everyday on it. Then I’ll load another quilt on the machine and quilt a little while before bed.

Have a great day.



I’ve been inspired by some of the blogs that I’ve read, to do more piecing on my own quilts. I have a mystery quilt from a class I took almost 8 years ago that was still in the box it came home in. So this week, I decided that I should sew a few minutes on it everyday and maybe I will get it put together someday. I have so many unfinished things. Plus I have so many new things I want to make. Like my Lone star quilt. I haven’t cut the fabric for it yet. I have decided that I will use the pink fabric instead of the light blue. I ordered a bolt of solid black fabric for the background. Hopefully when it gets here I’ll be ready to start cutting.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to bed, it’s late and I’m tired. Have a great weekend!


nothing new

I don’t want to go too many days without posting, so I thought I would check in and say that I finished quilting a quilt and have the next one half quilted. Sorry no pics.

I haven’t started cutting my lone star yet. I bought fabric for it and then I had it laying on the cutting table, looked over and saw a fabric laying on my sewing table and thought “oh wow, I think I like that better than 1 of the fabrics I bought, so……now I have to decide which fabric to use for one of the colors. Does that make sense? Maybe I should run down and take a picture of the fabric. OK, I’m back. So, which one do you like better?picture-1210.jpg picture-1211.jpg

You have to envision a big lone star with the colors going around. The dark purple will be in the center as well as the outside points. Anyway, can you tell which fabric is different? LOL!

The other things I’ve done, is that I decided to jump in on a challenge to finish a UFO this month. I’m hoping to quilt one of my unquilted tops. It’s made from black and white cat fabric with bright colors worked in too. I’m going to use a white with black polka dots for the backing. I hope I can get it done this month. I’m also going to make a mystery quilt online. I picked out fabric for it, now I’m just waiting for the cutting instructions. They’ll be up on the 8th.

I guess I better get back to quilting. I need to finish the one that’s on the machine and then get the next one loaded, it’s for my LQS and it needs to be done ASAP.

Well, that’s it for now. Back to work I go. Gee, I love my work!!!

Have a great one!


September already

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Sept. I see I haven’t updated my blog since Aug. 20th. Here I was going to try and keep it up. Well, I have quilted several quilts. Plus trying to get back into the groove of getting up at 5:30 every morning to drive the bus. That wouldn’t be so hard if I would go to bed earlier! Oh well, I am enjoying my 3 day weekend. I went to my LQS yesterday and bought fabric to make a lone star quilt. (Here I go starting another project!) I am going to finish this one. I hope!!!LOL!! I got marbles and batiks in purples and blues. It’s going to have a black background. I hope it looks good. Here’s the quilts I’ve done lately. picture-1215.jpg img_0730.jpg

picture-1219.jpg picture-1222.jpg picture-1234.jpgpicture-1229.jpg


I sure wish I was smarter when it comes to this computer. It takes me forever to get anywhere on it! LOL!  Anyway, it just took me 2 hours trying to get the pics off my camera and on to this page. I think I’m done for now.  This computer done wore me out!!!!!!LOL!!!!  I think I’ll go load my next quilt. Or maybe start cutting fabric for my Lone star………

Have a nice Labor day weekend!