I always have the hardest time trying to come up with a title for the blog! I think I should update it more often, but then I never know what to say. Do you really want to read that I bought a new pair of crocs?  Well, Saturday, my DH asked if I wanted to go to Cabelas with him and I said “Yes, I need to get a new pair of black crocs.” ( I’ve worn the bottom of my black ones smooth. ) Anyway, he asked why I wanted another pair because winter is coming and I told him that last winter I wore  knitted slipper socks with my crocs to keep my feet warm. Of course with holes on the sides I couldn’t wear them in the snow. Well, we got to Cabelas, and look what I found!picture-1599.jpg

They are lined with the holes filled in on the sides and in my size!!! Yeah! I’d never seen crocs like these before. Have you? I love crocs and wear them everyday. So I was happy to find these in my size and in the color that I wanted. How lucky was that????

On the quilting side of life, I now have 15 blocks pieced on my 8 yr old mystery and I’m on clue 6 on the new mystery.

I also did 2 quilts with pantograph patterns on them over the weekend. That’s something I NEVER do!   99% of my quilting is custom. Sometimes I do freehand allover designs but not pantos. Anyway, I think they came out fine.

I guess that’s all for now. Have a great day!


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