nothing new again

Well, there’s nothing new going on. I did get the black fabric that I ordered for my Lone star quilt. I haven’t cut it out yet because I know that if I cut it, I’ll want to start piecing it, and I want to do a couple other things first. One is that I started doing a mystery online. It will last about 6 more weeks. If I can keep up with it. LOL!

I’m still sewing a few minutes each day on the mystery quilt from 8 years ago. I have figured out that I’m doing the queen size. UGH! (why didn’t I opt for the smaller size????) By sewing a little each day I should get it finished in a year or so!! LOL!!

I’ve gotten several more customer quilts finished. I feel like I’m getting caught up. Maybe I can quilt another of mine soon. I have a fall row by row quilt that I made several years ago. Now would be the time to get it finished. That way I could have it out for fall. Think so? (I think about quilting it at this time every year, maybe this year will be different)

Ok, that’s it for now. Have a great one!