nothing new

I don’t want to go too many days without posting, so I thought I would check in and say that I finished quilting a quilt and have the next one half quilted. Sorry no pics.

I haven’t started cutting my lone star yet. I bought fabric for it and then I had it laying on the cutting table, looked over and saw a fabric laying on my sewing table and thought “oh wow, I think I like that better than 1 of the fabrics I bought, so……now I have to decide which fabric to use for one of the colors. Does that make sense? Maybe I should run down and take a picture of the fabric. OK, I’m back. So, which one do you like better?picture-1210.jpg picture-1211.jpg

You have to envision a big lone star with the colors going around. The dark purple will be in the center as well as the outside points. Anyway, can you tell which fabric is different? LOL!

The other things I’ve done, is that I decided to jump in on a challenge to finish a UFO this month. I’m hoping to quilt one of my unquilted tops. It’s made from black and white cat fabric with bright colors worked in too. I’m going to use a white with black polka dots for the backing. I hope I can get it done this month. I’m also going to make a mystery quilt online. I picked out fabric for it, now I’m just waiting for the cutting instructions. They’ll be up on the 8th.

I guess I better get back to quilting. I need to finish the one that’s on the machine and then get the next one loaded, it’s for my LQS and it needs to be done ASAP.

Well, that’s it for now. Back to work I go. Gee, I love my work!!!

Have a great one!