yee haw!

I found out yesterday that I won 2nd place in the wearables category at Innovations!! I entered my Wild Onion jacket. I entered 2 quilts too, but they didn’t win. I’ve had pretty good luck with this jacket. I entered it in 2 local county fairs and received Grand Champion ribbons at both of them. Now I got my first ribbon ever at a BIG quilt show. I didn’t think I’d ever get one because I don’t have a stitch regulator on my machine so for me this is such a great feeling of accomplishment. I think I’ll start planning my next jacket! I do have some ideas running through my head. Oh well, enough of that.

I didn’t work on my 8 year old mystery at all yesterday, so I better work 10 minutes on it today! LOL! I did get this weeks clue finished for the current mystery quilt that I’m doing. Plus I quilted on a huge customer quilt yesterday. I’m almost finished with it. Maybe another 45 minutes to an hour and it will be done. Then I have to put the binding on. (sewn down by hand) Hopefully I can be done with it and deliver it at guild tomorrow night.

I think I better get off here and get to work. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Update for today….the mailman delivered my quilts from Innovations. Here’s my jacket with it’s ribbon.  picture-1550.jpg

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