Summer row exchange

Thursday night was our Summer row by row exchange at guild. Everyone had their rows there to exchange. We had four groups with 6 in each one. There were sailboats, ice cream comes, pineapples, beach scenes, watermelons and flip flops just to name a few.

Group 1. This is my group. I sure am glad I got mine done! 🙂


Group 2.


Group 3.


Group 4.


Everybody did a great job of making rows. Some of them were so creative and cute! Now I need to come up with another fun idea for an exchange……

That’s it for now.

Flip flops finished…..

They are done! Yea! Good thing too, as they are due tonight! I sewed the last blocks together last night before going to bed. What a relief…….
My original plan was to make yo yo’s to go on each flip flop like I did on this little wall hanging that I made years ago.


Ok, let’s see, I have 6 rows of flip flops…..5 pairs in each row…….5 x 6=30…….30 pairs x 2 flip flops=60 yo yo’s…….I wanted 2 yo yo’s per flip flop….holy smokes! I needed 120 yo yo’s!!! With 4 days left until the exchange. I made 3 yo yo’s………

Ok, after 3 yo yo’s I decided, that’s not going to work… way can I make 120 of them in 4 days………so I came up with the idea that I could cut out little flower shapes from felt and sew them down on each flip flop. 60 flower shapes with 60 little round centers……that became the plan……..but I thought if I had some Steam a seam…..maybe I could just iron them on and forget the sewing part. 🙂 that would save me some time. Of course I couldn’t find my Steam a seam……. I just happened to be in Walmart on Monday and thought that maybe by some huge miracle, they might have some……….but NO they didn’t………but ……..I saw some cute buttons……..just the right size!!! I had thought of buttons earlier but didn’t want to spend $40 getting enough buttons. But these packages were only 88 cents each and I needed 2 packs of 6 different colors. There were 2 sizes in each package. Woohoo!! That’s less than $12…..Miracles do happen!! I came home Monday and started sewing all the buttons on. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I sewed the blocks together. Now it’s Thursday, the day of the exchange and I’m all set and ready!! Hope the ladies like the rows I made. I can hardly wait to see what they made!


That’s it for now….