Design wall 9/28/15 Last 2 blue row by rows

I finally finished making the last rows for the blue and white row by row exchange. 😀 I am so glad they are done! Whew!!

I started out doing EPP and making these. With the plan of making 36………. 

Well, that didn’t happen!! I stopped at 6 and changed my mind on what to make. I decided to do Dresden plate EPP instead. They were much easier and faster!! 

  I made rows for the other 5 ladies and did the exchange. This morning I finally finished my row. Yea!

I had to decided what to do with those 6 stars that I had made, so I decided that since one of the ladies made me some beautiful embroidered heart blocks to work into my row by row, I would make an extra row for her. I came up with a block that worked and added the stars. So, here’s what is hanging on my design wall today. 

DONE!! Yea!!

To see more walls, check out http://www.patchwork


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