Borders are on…..

WOO HOO!! I sewed the rows together yesterday and spent this evening adding the borders. Now it’s time to get it quilted, bound and call it done!! Yea! Who knew back in 1999 that it would take until 2013 to get the top made…….of course, it didn’t end up as a BOM either!! LOL!! If that had been the case, it would NEVER have gotten done!! LOL!!


Well that’s it. Now I have to decide which UFO to tackle next………


4 thoughts on “Borders are on…..

    1. Thank you! I have a dark blue wide backing fabric that I think I’ll use for the back.

      BOM stands for block of the month. This was the first block in a BOM pattern that I had. I collected all the block patterns but only made this one.


      1. Interesting πŸ™‚

        And oh! It just clicked!!! BOM! That’s neat! With most BOM’s, it’s usually one block a month? You can’t purchase the whole “year” of blocks to work on at your leisure?
        I may take a class on a zoo animal themed BOM, so it means , I’d attend once a month until the quilt top is completed, right?
        Thanks for the info<3


  1. alwaysquilts

    Yes they do one block per month. Sometimes 2 depending on the pattern being offered. I posted about this BOM in my post Design wall Monday 2/10/13 if you want to see what it was supposed to look like.


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