Storm at sea quilts

I finished the 2nd Storm at sea quilt that I needed to quilt. We were all together at Houston when we bought the kits for these quilts. Pam and Doris bought the same size kit so I have them hanging side by side over the machine to show how each one was quilted. Doris told me how she wanted hers done but Pam said do whatever on hers. She got circles with seahorses in the center. Hope she likes it!


Maybe if I had bought the bigger size kit, mine would be done too! But oh-NO, I bought the miniature. It’s been rolled up for months. I do at least have part of it sewn……

I didn’t realize just how small it is until I laid it beside Pam’s!! Wow.

Speaking of Pam, I have another of her quilts done for her. It has lots of feathers.




That’s it for now…..


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