Vintage sewing machines

Our summer vacation this year was a quick trip out west to Port Townsend, Washington. We landed in Seattle and visited the Space Needle before heading north to Port Townsend, which is an old historic town. We went into an antique store one morning and they had several old sewing machines. I was surprised at the brands of the machines.

We’ve all heard of Singer………

but a Zenith???? I know they make TV’s…….

How about a Western Electric????

or an Elgin???


Those were all in the Antique store. Across the road there was an old garage with antique cars in it. We went inside to get a good look at the ’65 Mustang and there were 2 old sewing machines in there!

This one says German on the tag, guess that’s why I’ve never heard of it.

This one came from the ’60’s. Ever heard of a Morse???

It’s probably a good thing we were flying, or a couple of these might have came home with me!!

So, have you heard of any of these machines?