Ending the year busy

I’ve spent the whole day in my workroom! So far I’ve cut out a new quilt. Here’s the fabric I’m using for it.

I hope it looks good after I get it done. I’m writing the pattern for it as I work on it. That takes a lot more thinking! Step one is done so far, the cutting!! Now off to the next step……

I decided to put one of my UFO’s on Viqtoria. I finished 14 of my UFO’s in 2011. I’m so happy about that!! I hope to get lots more done in 2012. I figured I could start the new year off with one quilted. That’s one step closer to getting it off my UFO list.

I’m using a panto that’s quilting really fast. I’m not sure what the name is, it’s the first time I’ve used this pattern.

I have a custom job on Millie, I can’t show it.

I can show the quilt top that I finished a while back. LOL! I don’t think I ever posted a picture after I got all the borders done. Here it is…..

That’s it for now. Hopefully next year I will keep up with blogging a little more often. I seem to go in spurts! Oh well, have a safe and happy new year!


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