Aunt Donna’s quilt finished! Working on Christmas and other stuff….

I finished my Aunt Donna’s quilt and Mom took it up to her last weekend. She called me that evening and thanked me for it. She was soooo surprised! Our conversation started with all the “You’re the greatest neice” “well, you’re the greatest Aunt” “I love yous” and all the sappy stuff!!! Then we said, Ok enough of that!!!!! Then we got on to a regular conversation of what’s going on in our everyday lives……..My Aunt is the sweetest lady…………..Here’s the finished quilt. I used a pantograph pattern with Treble cleffs on it, since Aunt Donna plays the piano and the gold fabric in the quilt has musical notes on it.

I’m trying to make pillow cases for my nieces and nephews this year for Christmas.  Since I have an embroidery machine now, I figured I better learn how to use it! LOL!!  All but 3 are finished. I’ve been finishing the seams with the serger and wouldn’t you know….the last 3 and the serger decides that it wants to act up!!! Now I’ll have to play with the tension again…..UGH!!! Anyway, they’re almost done!! yeah!!!!

I guess that’s it for now. Have a great weekend!


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