quilting and the economy

I can’t help but wonder with the economy heading the way it is, just what can us machine quilters should  look forward to? How is it going to effect our business? I know that some quilt full time and  depend upon their quilting to pay bills, whereas others have a full time job and quilt on the side.

They were talking on the news this morning about all the jobs that are being lost today. I think they said like 57,000 more people were being laid off today from some of the large companies.  If people don’t have jobs are they still going to be having quilts machine quilted?

I beleive people will still continue to make quilts, but will they quilt them? How many old unquilted tops are there in this world? I know I have about 40 unquilted tops.  I keep making more tops, but when will they get quilted? When I need one?

I would love to hear comments  on how you feel about the economy and the quilting world.



4 thoughts on “quilting and the economy

  1. I’m personally pulling back from spending on quilt-related stuff. The only thing I’ve bought this year (saved up my birthday money) was a roll of batting.

    My husband and I are trying to switch into survival mode BEFORE it’s actually needed. For a couple of months we’ve been skipping one week of grocery shopping. Now we’re dabbling with the idea of shopping every other week. We’re trying like crazy to pay off his student loans this year ($7,000 of student loans in January) so we can free up another $200 from the budget.

    Right now there’s no room for computer-gaming or quilting supplies. I won’t be dyeing 100 yards of fabric this summer with my mom. I won’t be going into fabric stores. If I don’t have what I need from my stash, I don’t have it period. My husband isn’t going to be buying new computer games or other toys.

    I have and I will be doing all my own quilting. I’ve only used long arm quilting services once ($30 from eBay). Otherwise, all my quilts have been done by me and the muscles of my arms. 😉


  2. I, too, am concerned about the economy and my machine quilting business. I have only been up and running for a year now and haven’t been able to accumulate the number of clients that I would like and then the bottom fell out of the economy and the business that I DID have dropped off! I’m a bit perplexed as to what to do next. I don’t suppose any amount of advertising or dropping off cards at Quilt Shops will encourage quilters to use my services now.
    I know things will turn around eventually – this IS America and we are very resilient if nothing else! I have no choice but to wait it out, I guess, but can’t help but wondering if there isn’t something I could do to boost business in the meantime!? Nice blog!


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