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I see I haven’t written anything for a week. I’ve been busy quilting customer quilts. I have several that I need to get finished before I leave for Italy. My trip is fast approaching!! Today, after church by husband decided that I needed new luggage so we went shopping. Here’s what he bought me.

I told him that our old luggage was fine, but he insisted that I have new ones. He said the old ones are fine for when we travel in the car on vacation, but going through airports he wanted me to have nice ones that have the handles to pull them instead of carrying them.  Isn’t he sweet?

I recovered my kitchen barstools today, too. I picked up fabric to do them a month or so ago, and finally decided to get it done today. This is the 2nd time I’ve recovered them. I love the stools as they are very comfortable,  and we never sit at the kitchen table anymore, we’re always at the bar so the chairs get a lot of use. The fabric wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it will do until I recover them again. LOL!!

Here’s a shot of what they did look like (blue) and the new fabric (floral).

I’ve also decided that I want to try to dye some fabric. I ordered dye and all kinds of other stuff that I’ll need. You know, the chemicals……. anyway, my package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I’ve been reading the book I have on fabric dyeing and I’m anxious to try it. I have both sateen and Kona cotton fabrics that I’m going to use. If you have any tips on dyeing that you’d like to share please feel free to leave a comment. I’m not sure what I’m getting into!! The book I have is called “fabric dyeing for beginners” by Vimala McClure.  Hopefully, it works!!!

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’ve been watching the Olympics tonight. Now that they’re over for awhile, I think I’ll go quilt a little before going to bed. Have a great one!!


2 thoughts on “Misc stuff

  1. Theresa, I have/had (I forget if I gave it to my mom or not) Vimala McClure’s book, but didn’t find it very encouraging/helpful. So I bought Color By Accident by Ann Johnson (available at Dharmatrading.com). Her method is the foundation of all the dyeing I’ve done in 2.5 years. After I got comfortable with Ann’s book, I started to explore… but I keep returning back to the method used in Color By Accident because it’s so easy and makes sense to me.

    The only thing I don’t do is let the dye sit for 1 hour, but 4 hours. It just sets better. 🙂


  2. alwaysquilts

    I ordered the dyes from Dharma and saw that book on there. I didn’t order it since I already had Vimala McClures book. Maybe I should go ahead and order Ann Johnsons book too. I’m trying to read as much information as possible before trying this.


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