I think I’ve improved. HA HA!!

I was going through some of my quilts and ran across a few that are……..well……..let’s just say, I think I’ve improved with my quilting over the years!

I’ll start with my first quilt.  Now, I was someone that told my sister (I was a teenager) that “I WILL NEVER MAKE A QUILT!!!”  Anyway, years later my Aunt found some blocks in my grandmothers attic that had been hand pieced by my Great grandmother, well, since I was always sewing clothing, craft items ect. she sent these things to me. I told my mom “What am I supposed to do with them??????? Jo’s the quilter” As time (years) went by, I finally decided to do SOMETHING with them, so I appliqued them down onto white muslin sewed the blocks together and hand quilted it. I didn’t know what binding was, so I just brought the fabric from the back around to the front and sewed it down. Wahlah! It was done and I was hooked on quilting!

I was now ready to start another quilt!! I went to a quilt show and they had baggies that had directions for a block and the fabric in them. I bought about 25 of these baggies of blocks. Home I went and hand sewed the blocks together. Then I hand quilted it. It took me 12 months to complete the quilt. (I still didn’t know what a binding was! LOL!!)

After making that one, I took a quilt class and learned what a rotary cutter and ruler were. Thank goodness!!

Anyway, here’s one that I made years later, I quilted it shortly after getting my longarm. Now you need to know that back then there were very few  books, videos ect. on longarm quilting. I bought Linda Taylors videos and Marsha Stevens videos and those were the only ones I knew of. Actually, the only quiltin books were for DSM’s not longarms. Oh well, I really thought my feathers looked good!  OH HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!! Look at these big honkin feathers! Oh my gosh!!!! I put feathers in the colored blocks and stippled in the black areas. I think someday I’ll take those feathers out and quilt something different in there!  See, I can do small feathers now! This is the last thing I’ve made.

Here’s a throw size quilt that I made one time. I forgot about it. I made it for a guild challenge one time. And the back. It’s not one I’ll ever make again. I about lost my mind trying to keep all the circles in the correct spot!

Well, I think I’ve improved with my quilt making and machine quilting over the years!! Don’t you think? I do get a good laugh when I look at some of these!!  I guess we all have to start somewhere!!

Oh, I did finish the monster quilt top. How’s this?

OK, I will stop boring you with my trip down quilting memory lane!

Have a great day!


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