I want to quilt

I want to quilt but instead of that, I’m waiting on my repairman to get here…….. I went to town today and picked up a few things at the grocery store just to come home and find that my extra fridge in the basement is not working. Everything in the freezer was melted and thawed out. What a mess!! I got it all taken out and will wait to see what John says when he gets here. The fridge is old and if it’s not worth fixing I’m not going to clean it out. I almost bought some ice cream…good thing I got sidetracked and forgot because my freezer upstairs is full. I guess I would’ve had to sit and eat the whole 1/2 gallon of ice cream. Maybe that wouldn’t have been so bad…………………….

Oh well, I did finish 2 customer quilts yesterday. I like the way she set this quilt. She put the blocks on point and made a zigzag instead of plain squares. I quilted feathers in that space. Maybe after John leaves I can get the next one loaded and get some of it done today.

I’ve been working on the HST needed for my monster quilt. Those seem to take forever. I’m using the paper that has the markings on it that you sew on the lines then cut apart. I like doing the HST that way because it seems faster. I think the pattern calls for 112 HST.

Johns here……..

Well, he got the fridge up and running. He had to put on a new part, I forget what he called it, but he said it should work fine now. I guess I better go clean it out before it freezes the mess that melted into the bottom of it. Then maybe I can get some quilting done.

Have a great day!


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