too busy or too boring

I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is either too busy or too boring to keep up with a blog! I never know what to write. When I do get on the computer, I feel guilty about being on it and not getting my customers quilts finished. I have one on the machine now that I need to get done. They come in faster than they go out. I’m not complaining!! I just feel like I need more hours in everyday!!

As far as getting my own stuff done. I never have time for that!!! But, I’ve decided that this year will be different!! So far, I’ve finished the MoKan challenge quilt and I’m sewing the binding on another of my UFO’s. I finally sewed the borders on the quilt and quilted it last week. I’m determined to get some of my unquilted tops finished!! I have 40 of them! I also want to use up my stash fabric. Here’s the quilt I’m putting the binding on. picture-2100.jpg

I bought the newspaper quilt fabric several years ago and started making the quilt. I had the first border sewn on and then quit for some reason……anyway, I finally put the rest of the borders on and used the leftover fabric for the back. I didn’t quite have enough fabric left to do the whole back , so I added some black on the sides to make it big enough. I did use up all the newspaper fabric!!! One

piece of stash fabric gone, a whole lot more to go!!!!picture-2103.jpg

I guess that’s it for now.


2 thoughts on “too busy or too boring

  1. Yep, wouldn’t we all get more done if we spent less time on the computer! I was just thinking tonight that I can’t get caught up because for every quilt I finish, another few come in – and these are all donation quilts!


  2. Don’t feel guilty about posting or not posting! Just post whenever you have something to say and don’t worry about it otherwise. Blogging is supposed to be fun, if it isn’t fun anymore, it isn’t worth it. But we still love to see your beautiful work. I find that my blog makes me feel accountable so that I share what I have done and I am more motivated to finish it! But that’s just me. Yeah for your daughter as well!



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