busy week

I’ve had a busy week. I guess that’s good because it’s sure went by fast! I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I finished 2 customer quilts this week and the weather finally cooperated and let us have our MoKan longarm meeting. It’s been canceled twice because of bad weather. Anyway, we had it yesterday and our challenge quilts were due. I think there was about 30 quilts there. They were all made of the same fabric and pattern but the quilting was different on each one. Some of them were absolutely beautiful!! They all looked great! It’s always fun to see the different ways that people quilt the same quilt. Here’s mine. I left it for the last minute to quilt, so I had to do something quick and easy. After I quilted it, I thought it was too dull, so I added cystals. picture-2108.jpg

Here’s the center. picture-2109.jpg

Here’s the corner. I wasn’t sure what to do with the corners, so I just kept the flow of the vine going around and getting smaller through the corner area. Then continuing on up the side. picture-2111.jpg

Last night I had my guild meeting and Amy Bradley was our speaker. She has the cutest quilts!!

I guess that’s it for now. I need to get back to work. Have a great day!!



fun afternoon

What a fun afternoon I had! I wrote about going to Italy a while back on my blog, so if you read it you’ll understand this……. Jill was here in Kansas this weekend and Pam brought her to Leavenworth today. They were going to come by my house but they’d been hitting quilt shops and were getting hungry and so I just met them in town and had lunch with them. We talked about our trip to Italy and got so excited. Jill was telling us about people and places and things we could do…….I can hardly wait!! Then we went to the LQS in Leavenworth and I’ve quilted several of the quilts there so Jill loved seeing them. She even had to buy one of my quilt patterns, then laughed and said that “now she knows a designer too”. We all laughed about that!!!!!!  It was fun getting to know Jill better. I had only met her in person once, and then it was when Pam brought Jill and both of their husbands to pick up some quilts. We only got to talk a little bit.  I enjoyed today and getting to know Jill better. She’s sooooo nice!!!!!! I’m so looking forward to going to Italy  this fall.  I hope everything works out for it.

I hope your day was as nice as mine!!


My Mom—“Dorothy”

Well, I didn’t plan on going anywhere today except the Post office. I needed to mail a few things out that required more than a regular stamp. Anyway, my mom called and wanted to know what I had planned for the day. (We usually go to town on Saturday’s.) I told her I just needed to go to the PO. She said “oh, good I need to take a few things and mail them” I said ok that I’d pick her up in about an hour……well, when I get there she comes out with nothing in her hands……I asked her if she forgot her stuff to mail……she says “no, I didn’t get it ready, I’ll go to the PO one day this week.”……….OK, whatever……….

Anyway, we still went to the PO and then we were just going to get some lunch and head back home. But I decided to run on up to the LQS and say “HI” to the girls because I hadn’t been in there this week. Well……… we got to the LQS and guess what my mom spotted? The new Wizard of Oz fabrics!

Now if you paid attention to the tittle of this, you’ll see that my mom’s name is Dorothy……..and she was born and raised in …….yep……. good old Kansas!!!!! She always tells people that she meets, that she’s Dorothy from Kansas!!!! (They seem to remember that!!!LOL!!!) Anyway, to get on with the story. She tells me that she needs a quilt made out of that fabric. (Mom’s not a quilter, but sometimes she’ll buy FQ’s if she thinks they’re pretty) …..By now if you’re a good guesser, you’ve probably figured out that —Yes, I bought the kit to make her the quilt. Like I really have time to do this. Anyway, my plan is to have it finished for Mothers Day. I HOPE anyway!!!

Here’s a shot of the fabric. picture-2104.jpg

I like another print that wasn’t in the kit, so I bought some of it, I’m going to make some of the blocks out of these squares. I bought the backing for it too. picture-2105.jpg

That ended up being one expensive trip just to say “Hi” to the girls! Oh, Mom did buy some fabric. A fat quarter of the ruby slippers fabric! LOL!!!!!!!!