3 more done

Well, I finished quilting 3 more quilts. I finished 1 on Friday, it was a yellow brick road. I did a baby quilt Sunday night and the other one today. picture-1203.jpg

I quilted them differently.picture-1204.jpg picture-1205.jpg

Here’s the borders.picture-1207.jpg picture-1206.jpg I’m glad they are done.

Saturday, I read alot of blogs and some of you were listing your WIP’s. I will not list all of mine because it would take me too long. I will tell you that I have close to 100. Shame on me huh? I will admit that I am a starter. Not a finisher. I start new projects and then move on to something else. I have 30+ quilts of my own that need to be quilted. I have many more that are in various stages. Our guild has a list that you turn in each January with all of your WIP’s and then when you finish one it gets marked off and your name goes in a drawing for each thing you finish. Back in January I had like 85 things on my list and I’ve only finished 2 and I’ve started several other things. So I figure I’m close to 100. (I don’t feel too bad because my friend has way over 100!!)

I guess I better get back to quilting. Maybe someday I will have time to get  some of my WIP’s done. LOL ! LOL! LOL!

Have a great day!!



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