My wholecloth

I finally finished my Wholecloth w/h. I marked it 2 years ago at a class with Karen McTavish. I have always loved the look of wholecloths. I’m glad it’s finally done. I am already thinking about making another one but maybe not doing the cutaway method. I kept thinking that I was going to clip the fabric, but somehow I cut all the batting away without snipping the actual top. I will post pictures of it at webshots. I’m not sure how to get them on here. I tried to upload a pic and it came out huge and you only saw part of the picture.
I’ve been busy quilting this week. I did a huge, and I mean HUGE quilt on Monday. Then worked on another one yesterday and got it about half done. I also sewed the binding on my wholecloth yesterday. Today, I had to run a few errands. Now I need to get back to quilting.

I guess that’s it for now. Have a great day.



I didn’t really cry today, if you had walked in my kitchen this afternoon you would have thought I was. I had tears running down my face and my eyes were burning…..those stinkin onions!!  LOL! I was chopping onions to put in salsa. The tomatoes are finally ready in the garden so I made some salsa.  I hate onions and the recipe calls for 4 cups of chopped onions. If the salsa wasn’t so good I wouldn’t mess with it. But it’s worth it.

I finished the Patchwork Party quilt and took it to my LQS. I’m glad it’s done.

I loaded my whitework quilt that I marked at Karen McT’s class 2 years ago. I only had time to quilt a small amount on it so far. I’m hoping to get downstairs in a little while and work on it some more. I hope I don’t mess it up.

I haven’t heard anything from the magazine yet and she said they’d let the winners know by the 20th, so I guess I didn’t win. That’s my luck. I got close, but being close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes! Oh well…………

I guess that’s it for now. Have a great day.


long day

I’ll start out by telling a little about myself. I am a quilter. Did you guess that? I do machine quilting on an APQS Ultimate 1 machine. I’ve been machine quilting for 8+years and love doing it. I made my first quilt back in ’89. I hand quilted it and have been hooked on quilting ever since. My sister likes to tell the story of how I said “I WILL NEVER MAKE A QUILT” Well, I had to eat those words. But I was a teenager at the time I said that. I have changed a little since then. LOL! Anyway, if you read in my blog just about everything will pertain to quilting. During the school year I drive a school bus, (24 years) so sometimes you might hear about that or my brother and nephews stock car racing, but mostly I’ll write about quilting. Here goes…..

I’ve been quilting most of the day on a huge quilt. It’s for my LQS. It’s the next Patchwork Party quilt and I wanted to have it done today. I only have a little more to do and I’ll b e finished. Well, that’s what I thought anyway. I noticed that some of the stippling I did on it doesn’t look good. The tension decided to mess up, so now I’ll have to go back and take some of it out and redo it. Some places the tension is fine and then some places it looks like a railroad track on the back!! Oh well, that’s the way my luck goes.

Speaking of luck, I got to send in a quilt for the $100,000 quilt magazine. They ask that the top 5 (from the photos you send in) in each category be mailed in so that they can judge them and then choose the winner for each category from those. I sent mine in but haven’t heard anything yet. I haven’t told anybody that I sent it in. It would be such a thrill to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, I guess I better go get something fixed for dinner. I’m getting hungry. Then it will be back to the monster quilt on the machine!LOL! Have a great day!