Design wall 11/23/15 progress on the string blocks

I made some progress on the strings blocks this week. All the rows are made, now I have to piece the sashing strips to go in between the rows. I have the first one done and sewn onto the bottom of row 1.

I’ll be glad when this is done. It does brighten up the wall though.😀

Anyway, that’s my wall for this week, to see more walls go to


Design wall 11/16/15 strings and book

My wall hasn’t changed much this week. I did sew the blocks together for the next 2 rows. Looks about the same as last weeks photo…….

I got a big surprise in the mail last week. I received an advance copy of my book 😳 I had no idea that I would get one early. I know that you can preorder it on But, wow, what a nice surprise!!👍

I guess that’s it for now. Better get back to quilting.

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Design wall 11/9/15 string blocks

The string blocks are still covering my wall. I’m slowly making progress on them.


I am getting the small squares made into blocks. I am doing them diagonally because the sashing is changing as I go.

I have the next row moved over onto my smaller design wall which is beside my sewing machine. I’m trying to keep these organized and put together Without turning anything the wrong way!! :)


Blocks in progress.

That’s it for my wall this week. I did get borders added onto the quilt I made last week. I am doing a program tonight and it’s already packed in the car so I can’t take a picture.

Sharon did get our latest pattern written and it ‘s on our Etsy and Craftsy sites.


Guess I better go finish getting things together for tonight.

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Design wall 11-2-15 strings and new quilt top

What a Monday it is here in Kansas City. Our Kansas City Royals WON the World Series last night!! We are So proud of our boys in blue!!

Kansas City also had another big win last week in Houston as our Janet Stone won Best of Show at the International Quilt Show!! Way to go Janet!!

Guess I better get back to my design wall. I have all the 5 1/2″ string blocks made and I have a few of them sewn into larger blocks.

I can sometimes get board working with projects that take a lot of time, so I threw this quilt together over the weekend.

All that’s left is to get the borders sewn on, which hopefully I can finish up today. It’s hanging in front of all the string blocks.

So that’s it for me this week. To see more walls go to


Design wall 10/26/15 string blocks

I’ve become obsessed with finishing these blocks. I have 41 more to make before I can start putting them together. Last night I took the Ks row by row off the wall and started putting the string blocks up. My wall isn’t big enough to put all of them on………here’s how it looks now.

Hoping to finish making the rest of the small blocks this week and start putting them into bigger blocks and working on the sashings. We’ll see!

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KS row by row possibilities………….

I guess it’s a good thing about leaving the row by row on my design wall as it  keeps it on my mind. Several years ago I made a quilt from the Wizard of Oz fabric line and I wondered if I had any of the fabric left over and if it would possibly work in my KS quilt. (Since Dorothy was from Kansas.) I had no plans of digging around and trying to find it (since I wasn’t even sure I had any left).

The strip quilt I’m working on has my attention at the moment. I’m not cutting any strips but going through tubs of leftover fabrics looking for strips that are less than 2″ wide. Well, as luck would have it, I just happened to run across the leftover Wizard of Oz fabric! Although there’s not a lot of it, there is more than I thought!! I’m thinking I might add another row to my quilt. Think Dorothy would look good as a row across the bottom? I would have to add to it because it isn’t wide enough.

If I put Dorothy in there, I could use up these fabrics too!

I have one more piece that I fussy cut squares from.

  Sure wish I had the whole piece! 😳 oh well……

Eventually I’ll start working on getting all this put together. For now though, I’m going back to strings. I’m halfway done with them!! Yea!


Design wall 10/19/15 string blocks

I still have the Kansas row by row on the wall from last week. I have no idea what I’m going to do at this point, so I just look at it……..eventually something will strike me and I’ll work on it. Until then, I will continue to make string blocks. I need a total of (256) 5 1/2″ squares. So far I’ve made 107.

I need 140 more, so a few more days of working on them and I’ll be halfway done.😀 then I can start putting them together. I sure hope this quilt comes out like I want it to….😳

That’s it for me today. To see more walls go to


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