Binding on the road

I’ve been busy getting everything written for my book and I have 2 quilts left that I need to sew the bindings down on. Since we’re on the road today, guess what I’m getting done? Bindings! Yea! I’m almost finished with this one. :)


Hopefully I can get them both done and sew the labels on before getting back home. We’ll see.

It’s a dreary day today so I’m glad I have something to look at other than out the window!


Hopefully, we’ll see some sunshine soon. It peeks out every once in a while. For now, I’ll go back to binding.


Wednesdays works 10/1

Wow, can you believe it’s already October? I’m going with friends to the Houston quilt show the end of the month, so that means 30 days and counting!! I can hardly wait! I have a full schedule up until then………
This week has been a busy one for me, and it’s only half over! I completed the second baby quilt that I need for my book and got both of the baby quilts quilted. I used the leftover fabric I had, to piece the backings. IMG_4768

I have a donation quilt, made by one of my guild members, on one machine getting a quick edge to edge design quilted on it.

Over on the other machine is a custom job. I decided to put feathers around the stars.

Tonight I hope to cut out the last quilt for the book, just to make sure I have everything figured correctly, then back to writing as my first deadline is fast approaching!!!

Well, my quick break is over for now, I need to get back to those feathers…………..


Workshop day

I had a fun day today with the Country Quilters in Topeka, Kansas. I taught the workshop that goes with my Stash Attack lecture. After the lecture back in July, they asked me to come back and do a workshop. All the ladies were so nice and they all seemed to enjoy the class.
They were lined up along both walls sewing away. I only thought to snap one picture, so here’s the group on this side of the room.

My sister rode along with me, so while we were in Topeka, we went to the Stitching Traditions quilt shop. Nice shop with lots of fabric! I bought a couple of FQ’s that I had to buy. Don’t know what I’ll do with them, but they were too cute not to buy!! LOL!!

Guess that’s it for now. Tomorrow will be a full day of quilting, writing and sewing!


Design wall Monday 9/22/14 fabric…….

Earlier this year I sent in a book proposal to Martingale Publishing Co. Much to my surprise, they accepted my proposal and I am currently working on writing, and getting the quilts made for the book. So this past weekend I finished up one of the quilts and designed a baby quilt. Today I got the baby quilt cut out and sewn together. I would love to show my work on the design wall…………but……………sorry, you’ll have to wait for the book! LOL! I can tell you that I have a cute little baby quilt top hanging on my design wall. :)
I picked up several baby/kid print fabrics over the summer knowing that I had to make a couple of baby quilts. I decided to use this one first.

That’s it for me today. Better get back to work, that deadline is fast approaching!!
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Have a good day!

Wednesday’s works

It’s a rainy day here in Kansas, but that’s ok because i am in my workroom getting as much done as i can! I’m almost finished with the quilt on this machine. I’m using one of my favorite pantagraph patterns on it.


I finished this custom one and just took it off the other machine.

I love when I can work feathers into them. :)

Meanwhile, over at the sewing machine, I sit down every once in a while and sew a few more strips for a strip quilt.


I have a class coming up at my LQS and need to get the info to them, so they’ll have it when people sign up. I also have a workshop next week that I’m teaching, so I need to make sure I have everything in line for it. And then there is my BIG project that I’m working on, which I haven’t mentioned. But I try to work on it a bit each day too. Somedays there just isn’t enough hours! LOL!!
Hope you’re having a productive day!!


Design wall Monday 9/15/14

Guess I should post something, it’s been too long since I’ve done that. My design wall has stayed the same for weeks. I’ve been too busy with other things going on. I was looking for some fabric the other day and ran across this panel that I bought last summer. In looking at it, I thought, hmm….I wonder if that could be worked in with those blocks over on the wall…….? So I put it up and now I have to come up with a way to make it fit……..

I think the colors work great together. So that’s the plan, as of today! LOL!!

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Design wall 7/28/14 Rock house quilt

I finished the basket weave quilt top and the Florida quilt top that I was working on last week. I will try to get them both quilted in the next week or so and show pics of them then. The basket quilt ended up being about 102″ square. Whew! I still have lots of strings left so I need to come up with another quilt that uses strings.
As for my design wall this week, in going through drawers, I came across these blocks that were made for me years ago by members of my guild. They gave them to me as thank you blocks for all the work I was doing for the guild.

The pattern for the quilt was in McCall’s Quilting, February 2003. Luckily that is printed on the block instructions. Hopefully I still have the magazine!! LOL!!
Anyway, I will make this my 10 minute a day project, and make enough blocks to complete a larger quilt. It seems like the pattern called for over 60 blocks, so I know I need to make quite a few more blocks.
So that’s my wall this week, to see more check out


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