Design wall 7/21/14 basket weave quilt

I had time last night to work on getting some of the rows made on the basket weave quilt. I decided to make the rows and sew them together as I get them made instead of making all the rows and then sewing them together. Here’s what I have so far.

I have almost half of the rows completed. Depending on what size I make the borders, it will end up being approximately 100″ square.

I’m also playing around with a piece if Florida fabric. Not to sure about this…….not exactly coming out like I planned, but we’ll see.


That’s it for what I have on my wall this week. To see other design walls go to

Hopefully tonight I can work more on my rows, for now I have to get back to customer quilts. Have a good day!


Blue scrap quilt

Sharon and I were in Ark City, Kansas last week (Sunday and Monday) for a program and workshop. We had a great time with wonderful ladies! I took my blue scrap quilt along and worked on the binding in the car and
whenever I could find a few minutes here and there. I finally finished it after getting home.


Another quilt made from my stash! Yea! I have several more ready to cut and I came up with a few more ideas today. My stash is dwindling and I am happy!!! I hope I can continue. :) This is fun seeing how much I can use.

That’s it for now.

Time to sew

Woo HOO! I sewed the last of the squares together today and now it’s assembly time!! 181 squares!
They don’t look like much stacked up in a pile.

The setting triangles are cut too. I will decide on the borders later. Hopefully I can get some time this week to assemble this. I am glad all those squares are done. :)

More to come later……

Kansas row by row

Had a fun time at my guild meeting last night. Our Kansas row by row exchange was due. We only had 2 groups participate in the exchange and group 1 didn’t show up with their rows so only group 2 got to exchange. I’m glad I was in group 2. Anyway, I went easy and made this row.


These are the rows I exchanged for.

I love the rows everyone made!!
Now I’ll have to decide how I want to put them together.

I also got a little surprise gift from my friend Joelyn. She does beautiful embroidery work and she made me a little rug mug. (Although no mug will ever be placed on this!!)

Isn’t it beautiful? I LOVE it and she was so kind to make it for me. Thank you again Joelyn!!

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great day!

Sashings added to California quilt

I finished up the sashings this morning and added the borders. I wasn’t thinking and just cut the borders the same width as the sashings. Duh! I probably would have made the borders a bit wider, but, oh well…’s done and more of my stash is used up!! Yea!! I will use the dark blue for the binding to finish it off. :)


Now I have to finish working on a top that Sharon and I are teaching on Sunday. It’s a mystery class, so no peeking on it. LOL!

Have a good day!

Design wall 7/7/14 California fabric

In going through my stash this week, I came across some fabric that I purchased back in 2010, when Doris and I went to The Road to California quilt show. I had to buy some of it just because it was California fabric and This was my first time there.


The print is rather big and I didn’t want to cut it up, so it sat on the shelf…….
Well, last week I looked at it and tried to figure out a way to use it that would be both simple and quick and some way to keep from cutting in to small pieces.
Here’s what I came up with.

I played around with different fabrics to use for the sashings and didn’t like any of them until I put a little blue frame around each piece. As soon as I did that, one of the blue fabrics I have will work perfect for the sashing. Yea! More fabrics used from my stash!!
So that’s what I have on my wall today. To see what others are working on, go to

Back to work now…..

Design wall 6/30/14 big blue blocks

I sewed the strips together that I cut last week. I put what would fit up on the wall today to take the picture.


I decide to make 25 blocks for this quilt. The rest of the blocks didn’t fit on the wall.


I’m not going to frame the blocks like I did on the purple one.
I’m planning to put a 1″ sashing between the blocks. Hopefully that will happen this week.

Meanwhile, my 10 minute a day squares are getting made too. I figured up that I will need 181 squares. I have 100 made with 81 left to go!


That’s it for my design wall this week. To see what others are working on check out

Have a good day!

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