Design wall 1/26/15 fabric and block

There really isn’t anything exciting on my wall this week. I’m still trying to use up my stash so I found a beautiful floral print but only had one yard of it, so I cut it up and that’s what’s on my wall.

I’m going to frame the blocks and add a Sashing. It will look similar to the California quilt that I made last year but won’t be as big because I only had 1 yard of fabric. I don’t really care what size it ends up as it will just be a lap quilt and the fabric is so pretty I don’t want to cut it into small pieces.

I am also making progress on my Georgia block, I didn’t get it done in two weeks like I did Florida but it’s coming along.


I guess that’s it for today,to see other design walls check out


Florida block done

2 weeks and 1 day! That is a record for me, as far as getting a block done!! Woohoo!!
I think using the pearl cotton and marking with the friction pen has made a huge difference. I can’t believe I did this block in such a short amountof time. I marked the Georgia block tonight so hopefully I can get it done in a few weeks (like I did Florida)instead of months. It probably won’t happen though since the mystery lock in is coming up the first weekend of March.

For now I’m just happy to get another block done!!!!’

Design wall Monday, 1/5/15 Mini, UFO and panel

Here it is the first Monday of the new year and I have no projects or at least any new projects on my wall. I do have a couple of quilts that I will be making soon but I still don’t have them cut out, so for now, on my wall is the panel which reminds me that I need to work on the blocks to go with it. Also on my wall is my first UFO finish for 2015. Yeah! In looking back I think I quilted this in 2012 and it’s been waiting for the binding ever since then, now it’s done. One down many more to go for the year.
Also on the wall is my storm at sea mini that I finished piecing last week and I put borders on it over the weekend so now it’s ready for quilting.

My goal in 2015 is to finish UFOs and continue to use my stash. I plan to give it my best shot. :)
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Miniature storm at sea

Since I haven’t cut out either one of the quilts I plan to make, I saw my miniature storm at sea and decided to sew a little bit on it. I found that I was further along than I remembered, so piecing the last 4 rows and then sewing all the rows together went pretty quick. Now I have to decide whether or not I want to put a little border on it. I think I will but I’ll have to find just the right batik for it.

It measures 15″ x 18″. I put my hand beside it to show that it’s small.
Now on to bigger things!! LOL!!


Design wall 12-29-14

There’s actually nothing on the wall this week, but I have fabric picked out for my next project. I designed a log cabin quilt a while back and I finally decided on the fabrics for it. Hopefully I can get started on it soon, but I also have to get started on the lock in quilt for this years mystery. No sharing on the progress of it. Other than the fabrics I’m using.
Log cabin fabrics:


Lock in mystery quilt fabrics:


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50 state bird blocks

Every now and then I decide to work on these blocks again. I finished Delaware this week after working on it for……hmmm…..I don’t know how many months!!

I started out using 2 strands of embroidery floss, which was a pain, pulling off 2 strands each time I ran out. I was also marking it with a white chalk pen, which would wear off as I worked, so I had to keep remarking the design.

I wasn’t making much progress on these blocks. I’ve been working on them for years! Anyway, I bought this somewhere and decided that maybe if it looked like the 2 strands of emb. floss, I could switch over and use it instead.

I sampled it, and decided it was close enough, so I used it to finish the Delaware block. I was able to finish the last of the block a lot quicker than when I was using the emb floss. I also started marking the blocks with a friction pen. That way I don’t have to keep remarking. Last night I marked the Florida block and got this much done.

I’m hoping that I will stick with this project now and get several blocks done before it gets set aside, again! 9 down 41 to go!! :)


Quilts for Christmas

My last minute sewing and quilting was worth it when the kids opened their packages. Tim liked his Rock & Roll quilt and noticed the quilting pattern immediately. I saw him point it out to Sarah. I quilted his with a musical note pattern.


I think his girlfriend Sarah was the most surprised by getting a quilt. She liked hers too!


Sarah likes to do crafts, so she made us a Christmas card! I loved it!!


That’s it for now. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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