I have not been a good blogger. My goal for the upcoming year is to be more social and sharing of what I’m working on.

Today I have been ironing fabrics and getting them ready to cut into strips using my Accuquilt. I use different size strip cutters and it makes it quick and easy to get lots of strips cut.

Once I cut the strips, I sort them into different lengths. I marked my cutting mat so that when I sort them I can easily put them into the correct size box.

Strips are now ready to sew. I’m not sure what I will make yet, so I will keep making string foundations. That is the fun of making string quilts. You don’t have to know what you’re going to make when you make your foundation pieces. The magic comes later after you decide what you’ll make.



Animal quilts

There were several quilts at Houston that were animals. My favorites were the cats and the bear.

The owl was pretty cool too!

They were all done with some thread play involved. Awesome!! Wish I knew how to do that.

The horses were machine appliqué and fabulous!!

Once again the quilts were amazing!!

Houston quilt show 2019

Another Houston quilt show is in the books. I love attending the show and seeing all the wonderful quilts. The workmanship and creativity is unbelievable! This year was the 45th anniversary of the show and they celebrated with blue and white quilts. Sapphire.

They were beautiful!!

More from the show will come later…………..


Organ donors

This post has nothing to do with quilting. It is the story of my Aunt Kathy. I remember as a child visiting Aunt Kathy and her house was always spotless. She always had a pitcher of tea made in the fridge. She took her boys to the pool, so she always had a nice tan. She was a red head! So the tan was always awesome. Me being a red head was that I would burn, peel and turn white!!! I don’t know how Aunt Kathy did it!! But she did. He also told me that some day I would love being a red head! Well, my hair is turning white, so it doesn’t look red anymore. I never did like being a red head…..and it’s not red anymore. So Thank God for that!! Sorry Aunt Kathy! LOL! I never did like being a red head!!

As time went on…..She dealt with breast cancer and concurred it. Later she needed a lung transplant……luckily she was given the opportunity to receive a new set of lungs. Her donor Todd was such a blessing to our family. Because of him we received an additional. 19 years with Aunt Kathy!!

Cancer took her from us this past week. I have felt both a blessing and a sorrow this past week. The sorrow is losing her and the blessing has been the 19 years that she received because of her donor Todd. I love you Aunt Kathy

Our 2019 mystery lock in quilt

We held our lock in back in March but because another quilt shop did the mystery a few weeks later, it kept us from sharing this years quilt until after they hosted the mystery. I can happily say that the mystery has been solved and the pattern is now available in our Etsy shop. This years mystery is called Road to Ireland. We have seen many quilts finished in awesome colors!! It’s always fun to see the color choices that are used in the mystery. My quilt was made using a few Kaffe prints, some hand dyed fabrics as well as a few batik prints pulled from my stash.

Sharon now has the pattern available on our Etsy shop. 😀

Check it out.


String quilt’s

I am enjoying the process of making string quilts. Although I do my string quilts a little different from most, the outcome would appear to be the same. With that being said, here is my latest string quilt that I’ve been working on.

I am debating over whether to add a string border………what do you think?

Feather video

I seem to take lots of pictures with the intention of posting them but I never seem to get the posting done. Anyway, I was looking back at some of the pics from last year and ran across a little video that I did. It’s not the best because I was holding the phone in one hand and quilting with the other and I couldn’t look at what I was filming and quilting at the same time.😳 I love quilting feathers!

That’s how I quilt freehand feathers. 😀