What a surprise!

Today Sharon and I went to the Marshall Mo. daytime quilt guild and I presented my Challenges, swaps and exchanges lecture. We had a good  time and everyone was so nice. What a great group of ladies and 2 gentlemen!!

During the program, one of the quilts I show is from an online exchange that I participated in years ago. It was shortly after 9-11 and the online group I belonged to exchanged signature blocks done in red white and blue. We each signed our name and put our City, state and country on the block. When I showed it today, one of the ladies said she participated in that exchange and maybe one of those blocks was hers. After the quilt was held up and shown, Sharon looked for the ladies name and found it! Sure enough, she had made one of the blocks. She was living in Vegas at the time of the exchange so her block has her name and Las Vegas. Wow! What a surprise that was to find someone who had made one of the blocks! Here we are pointing at our blocks.

That was quite a surprise today! Pretty cool one too!👍