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It’s my turn to share a block with you. As usual I seem to be behind schedule. It’s not because I’m lazy and don’t get things done. It’s because I try to get too many things done.  With that being said let’s get straight to the block (because that is what you want, right?)

For my block I chose Square and Stars. I don’t have a reason for choosing this particular block, I guess I just liked it when I was looking through block patterns and I thought that Barb’s line of vintage prints would look nice made into this block.

For the first block I chose these prints.


Cut the following-

1st dark blue cut (1) 4 3/4″ square

red cut (2)  3 7/8″ squares then cut them diagonally


light cut (4) 3 1/2″ squares

light, 2nd dark blue and medium blue cut from each (2) 4 1/4″ squares then cut diagonally in both directions


light blue cut (4) 2 5/8″ squares

Lay the pieces out like this


Sew the red triangles onto the large blue square



Make the following unit- sew the light triangles onto 2 sides of the light blue  square

sew the dark and medium triangles together


Join together to make the unit


Sew the light squares onto both ends of the unit (make 2) the sew the above units onto 2 sides of the large square to make the following rows


Sew the rows together and you have your block completed.


For the second block I chose these fabrics


Cut the following

first red (1) 4 3/4″ square

dark blue (2) 3 7/8″ squares then cut in half diagonally

light (4) 3 1/2″ squares

light, medium blue and light blue (2) 4 1/4″ squares then cut diagonally both directions

second red print (4) 2 5/8″ squares

Here is the second block


Well, the post has went up and it’s incomplete. Leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook copy of my book Sew Slice Spin and Sash. My internet is running at a snail’s pace, as usual, so I’m done for now…………….



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