New tablet pc

I love getting new gadgets, but trying to figure them out sometimes is confusing. I am going to try to add a picture on here, just to see if I can. I wrote about my friend Barbs new book a couple days ago, and sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. So I will post the picture of the new book here.  it appears to be showing up. I don’t know what happened to the post that I wrote about her new book. I am so excited about it being released. I got to quilt several of the quilts in it. I was reading it today and I am ready to try the back basting technique. I’ve seen her do it, but not being an applique person………….well…….I will try!!

Barb has a blog too. It’s You can check it out to see what she’s up to.

Ok, well, I hope this posts……….


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