Crown Royal quilt…..coming.



It’s funny how things work sometimes. I just happened to park in front of the liquor store, where the clerk could look directly at my car. I have a front license plate that says “I love quilting”.

The conversation went like this.

Him- are you a quilter?

Me- yes

Him- have you ever made a crown royal quilt?

Me- not yet, but my son is collecting the bags for one.

Him- do you want some bags?

Me- sure.

Him- hold on and I’ll get you some. (he then gets a paper sack from under the counter and opens it. Sits it on the end of the counter and waits on the customer that walks up.)

Him- I’ll have to get them out of my truck. I’ll be right back. (There is no one in the store, so he goes out to his truck and I stood outside the door.)

After what seemed like forever…..he came around the corner carrying the paper sack.

I then realized ‘why’ it took him so long!

Boy did I hit the jackpot!!! I got home and counted 117 Crown Royal bags!! Holy cow! Now I need to decide on a pattern…….



Have you ever made a Crown Royal quilt?