Adding borders

As a long arm quilter, I see this all the time. That is borders that are wider than the center of the quilt. Do you really want an hour glass shaped quilt? If you have a good quilter, she’ll work them in. But really now, wouldn’t it be better to do it right from the start????

I always lay the quilt top out and bring the bottom and top to the center of the quilt. The left sides are even.


But look what happens on the right side.


With accurate measuring, this could have been avoided. This quilt will go bak to its owner nice and square, but I will have to work that excess into the quit, whereas proper measuring would have avoided the excess. So the lesson here is always measure the center of the quilt and cut the borders that size. Both vertically and horizontally. Your quilter will appreciate it! 🙂

Have a good one!


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