What’s on the machine 1/30/13

I have so much that needs to be done that I never feel like I have the time to stop and blog. Today, I’m taking a break and blogging a bit about what’s going on…..

Millie has another Christmas Peace on her. This is a BOM that will be offered this year.


I’m getting ready to load this on Viqtoria. Such a cute quilt!


I haven’t worked any more on my guilds opportunity quilt but I have sewn all the blue jeans into blocks. 64 of them.


Next step is to make strips to cover all the seams.

I’m sewing on my lock in quilt too, which needs to take priority as I have to have it finished by March 9th. Here’s a sneek peek at a bit of what I’ve sewn so far.


That’s what’s going on today.

Have a good one!


Design wall Monday 1/20

I somehow managed to get myself involved in working on my guilds opportunity quilt this year. Joelyn does beautiful machine embroidery, so she has all the embroidery done. Sharon used EQ and got the pattern all worked out into the correct sizes. Now it’s time to piece it together. Here’s the center block. It measures like 24″ square.


That’s it for now. To see more design walls check out http://www.patchworktimes.com


Design wall Monday 1/14/13

My preference for a backing is to use a wide fabric. I looked at all my wide ones and didn’t have one that looks good with my patriotic row by row quilt, so……I decided to make a pieced backing for it.


The center block was from the Kansas City Star patterns (several years ago). I collected the pattern each month, but only made 2 blocks. I figured I might as well put it in here and use up some of my patriotic fabrics. 🙂

Here is the other block I made that year.


I taught a class at my LQS on mitered borders, so I used this block as a sample on how to miter the corners, that’s why it has 3 borders around it. I found it in with all my patriotic fabrics. I think I’ll just do a quick all over design on it and use it as a table topper. Then I can call it done!! 🙂

Ok, that’s what I’m working on. If you want to see what others have on their walls, go to http://www.patchworktimes.com

Have a good day!


Lock in mystery quilt begins

Our mystery lock in is scheduled for March 9th this year, so we better get busy on the quilts. We have the quilt designed and tonight I started cutting mine out. I am making the queen size, so I’ll have more sewing to do than Sharon will…..but she writes the patterns up. So we both have a lot to do…………
Here’s what I cut so far.


I also went to my LQS today and picked out a fabric to go with my blue jeans blocks. I chose a blue Stonehenge fabric.


I think the fabric looks great with the denim. 🙂

That’s it for now…..


Design wall Monday1/7/13

I got a bit of sewing done on the blue jeans quilt. This part is so easy and quick. I have half of the blocks sewn together and I only spent a few minutes sewing them. I like that part!! LOL!! Once I finish sewing the rest of the blocks (I still need to cut up a few more old pairs of jeans) then I need to find a fabric to use for the strips and sew them down. The next step will be a bit more time consuming. Hopefully I’ll have time to work more on it this week.

Here’s a few of the blocks.


To see more design walls check out http://www.patchworktimes.com

Have a good day!


Patriotic row by row

Top is done! Yea!! I finished piecing the borders last night and got them sewn on today.
I put stars in the 4 corners and I wish I would’ve used a lighter color. They are hard to see, but I’m not changing it now. This is a great way to use up some scraps, it just didn’t use enough of them!! LOL!!


That’s it for now. Have a great day!