Whew!! I did it!

I am so glad these 2 quilts are done! They were a challenge for me. Here’s the first one with the flange.


I used a panto pattern on it. The quilting really shows on the back.


Here’s the second one with flange. I used a P2P pattern on it because of the border.


I was able to do the borders without turning the quilt. I had to take out part of the pattern on the corners, but I feel like it came out fine.
This is the pattern I used . The top pattern is what I used as the panto for the body of the quilt, and also for the center of the borders. The bottom pattern shows where I took away part of the pattern in order to use it on the corners. The small motif is what I put in the very corner to fill the space.


That was a lot of work! Too much thinking for my brain!! LOL!! Now I’m ready to get some freehand quilting done….


I’m coming Millie…………..

Have a great day!!

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