What’s on the machine 7/25/12

Here’s the quilt I have on Millie today. It’s a beauty. It’s all creams and white. All I’ve done so far is all the SID work around the blocks. Now I’m ready to start the fun quilting.


The blocks are 17″.


Viqtoria is getting a break for now. She’s been busy getting pantos done.
I might load the next one on later today.
Here’s the back of one from yesterday that has Glide thread on it. The white thread on the pink fabric really makes the design show!

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Ok, my breaks over. Back to work!
Have a good day!!


What’s on the machine. 7/18/12

It’s Wednesday! Here’s what I’m working on today. This one is on Millie. It’s almost done.


I’m just putting simple custom on it. The outside blocks are all nurse ones, they were easy but I couldn’t decide what to do with the blocks in the center, so I just put some swirls and half feathers.

Viqtoria is busy behind me doing a panto.


That’s it for my Wednesday work.

What are you working on today?


Design wall 7/16/12 not a quilt

Since I finished the quilt top that had been on the design wall forever, I haven’t decided what to do next as far as what quilt to work on. So, I cut out another jacket pattern.


This pattern is so fast and easy to make. It’s called “A Little Something Jacket”. The first one I made has long sleeves.


This one has the short sleeves. I cut the pattern down a bit on this one, as I didn’t care for the excess fabric in the front. I added darts in the back too.


To see more design walls. Check out http://www.patchworktimes.com


What are the odds????

I had lunch today with 3 of my quilting buddies. Candy, Doris & Janet (who is 1 day younger than me). We were celebrating Janet’s latest quilting award. Anyway, you know how you sit there and talk about all kinds of things, our conversation turned to our younger days. You know those crazy things you did as teenagers! Anyway, here’s part of the conversation..

Doris: So Janet have you always lived in Kansas?

Janet: No I lived in Missouri for awhile. I was born in KC MO

Me: So was I. Which hospital?

Janet: Trinity Lutheran Hospital

Me: So was I!

Janet: We lived on Campbell around 41st

Me: OH MY GOSH! We lived around 42nd and Campbell!

after that I can’t remember who said what but we had to have been in the same hospital nursery at the same time, because they always kept you in the hospital several days. I think Mom said she was in there 5 days when she had me. I was born around 4:30 in the afternoon and Janet was born the next day shortly before noon!

What are the odds of 2 babies being born at the same hospital within a day of each other, sharing the same nursery, living on the same street (we moved when I was 15 mo old), growing up and both becoming quilters and then meeting each other and becoming friends???????? Wow! That’s WILD!!

What are the odds of that?????


Lazy star UFO finished

Woohoo! I just finished the edge on a UFO. That’s always a good feeling. 🙂
I made this years ago from charm squares. We exchanged geometric prints and I had 2 of each print, so I was able to make the stars. I used more of them to make the Prarie points around the outside.


Now I’ll have to decide which UFO to tackle next. LOL!! It’s not like I don’t have many choices. 🙂


Design wall Monday 7-2-12

Can you believe this has been on the wall since March? I’m getting a bit tired of walking by and seeing it, so I need to get it done and off the wall!! LOL!! I worked a bit on it last week and now have 3 rows sewn together. Yea! I hope to have time this week to get the rest of the rows sewn and get it off the wall and into the needs to be quilted stack….(at least then I don’t have to look at it every day. LOL!!)


To see more design walls, check out http://www.patchworktimes.com