You know how everybody is into recycling now days. Well, my question is what do you do with all those plastic bags from Walmart?????


The other day I thought, hmmmmmm, I wonder………so I tried……..and it’s working………….I’m making a rug!! LOL!!!! Here’s what I have so far.


I don’t know how big I’ll make it. I guess when I get tired of crocheting, then it will be done. So far I’m having fun with it! LOL!!!


Miniature done…

Except for the binding, it’s done! I’ve always heard that accuracy is needed on small quilts and boy is that true!!! I can see every little place that my quilting is off and the piecing too. I don’t care about the accuracy on it since it’s one that Doris and I both played with. She had some of my leftover fabric from another project so she whipped up this miniature for fun. I too was just playing around with the quilting. Now I’ll have to get a binding in it. Ugh! One of these days!! LOL!!




Today was a quick trip across the state of Missouri. Kansas City to St Louis and back to Kansas City. It makes for a long day but stopping to shop always helps!! We stopped at 2 quilt stores in Columbia. My Mom bought some Fat Quarters at the first shop. I was mainly looking for a black and white batik which I didn’t see at the first shop, so I didn’t buy anything there. I did find something to buy at the second shop. They didn’t have a black and white batik either, but I found a gorgeous batik that I really liked. I’m going to make this jacket with it.


I also found this cute watch too, so I had to buy it! It’s one that wraps around your wrist when you slap it on. The hands are a pair of scissors and the band is a ruler. How cute is that!?


I guess that’s it for now.


Black light

On my Ultimate 1 machine I have to take out the bulb and put in the black light bulb in order to use the black light, but on my Millineum I only have to hit a switch and go to the black light. The quilt I was working on, I was using white thread on green and blue fabrics. I didn’t think about using the black light but I accidentally turned the black light on and “wow” I could see the thread so much easier. Here’s how the white thread looks on the fabric.


And here’s how well the thread showed up using the black light.


Being able to see the thread was so much easier on my eyes. I was switching back and forth over the whole quilt after I discovered how well the thread showed up on some of the fabrics. I’ll have to remember to check out the black light more often.:)


Whew!! I did it!

I am so glad these 2 quilts are done! They were a challenge for me. Here’s the first one with the flange.


I used a panto pattern on it. The quilting really shows on the back.


Here’s the second one with flange. I used a P2P pattern on it because of the border.


I was able to do the borders without turning the quilt. I had to take out part of the pattern on the corners, but I feel like it came out fine.
This is the pattern I used . The top pattern is what I used as the panto for the body of the quilt, and also for the center of the borders. The bottom pattern shows where I took away part of the pattern in order to use it on the corners. The small motif is what I put in the very corner to fill the space.


That was a lot of work! Too much thinking for my brain!! LOL!! Now I’m ready to get some freehand quilting done….


I’m coming Millie…………..

Have a great day!!

Today’s challenge….

Quilt #2 with a flange around the border. I managed to come up with a pattern I liked that I got to fit inside the middle of the quilt. I’m so happy that I got it to fit! As I said yesterday, I’m not to experienced with doing more than a edge to edge panto with my IQ. Tomorrow I’m going to try to arrange the pattern so I can put it out in the borders. Wish me luck!!


That’s it for today….


The Intelliquilter……

I only use my IQ for pantographs so I’m not real experienced at it. Once in awhile I do just a bit more than a pantograph though. It’s usually only when I CAN’T do a regular edge to edge panto. Anyway, the quilt I loaded today has a flange along the border, so, no edge to edge. Darn! I came up with a panto that worked well on the inside but I was stumped on what to do with the border. I decided that I could go around in the ditch and do like the piano key border but the double line. Anyway, I was going to just go over the corner blocks as part of the continuos border, then at the last minute it dawned on me that I could put part of the panto pattern in the blocks and make them fit! Duh!! How simple was that!?! Here’s how it looks so far.


Back to work now!


MQS win

I decided to enter my little miniature wholecloth in the MQS show and guess what? It got a second place ribbon! I was shocked! A friend of mine was there during the judging and she told me later that some ladies were talking about my miniature and they were saying that “oh, it’s digitized” she didn’t say anything but she knew better. 🙂

Here it is with the ribbon, hanging at the show.