Design wall Monday 1/16

Here’s what I have on the design wall. I worked yesterday getting the rest of the blocks pieced together. I’m putting a pieced sashing between the blocks, which I haven’t cut out yet. Hopefully I can get the pieces cut and sewn this week. I don’t care much for this so far……………….

. I’m hoping I’ll like it better after I get the sashing in there.

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3 thoughts on “Design wall Monday 1/16

  1. I agree with Mary, it is just a quiet quilt right now. I see the outr blocks have a darker piece to them. If the sashing has some of that darker color in it then that might wake it up a little, but it is still a peaceful, still color scheme.


  2. I like it for its soothing colors and I also like the design. Mary has a good idea. A lot of times not seeing it for a short space of time makes a big difference in how you end up liking it.


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