Design wall Monday 1/2/12

I’m not very good at staying up with blogging, but I’m going to try better this year. That should be my new years resolution. I wonder how many new years resolutions I’ve made in my life? A lot I’m sure!! I have only managed to keep one of them. 2 years ago I decided that my new years resolution would be to see if I could keep homemade cookies in the cookie jar for one whole year. Guess what? I’ve done it for 2 years in a row now! I used to make cookies all the time but over the years I started buying cookies and hardly ever made them any more. Now I’m back in the groove of making cookies and I must say I do love home made cookies. Ok so much for that.

On to what’s on my design wall. I’ve spent most of the day doing custom work on the quilt that I’ve been working on. I’ve sat down and sewed a little bit today, I managed to get one block pieced. I’m not sure if I like these fabrics…… friend Sharon helped pick them out. They are more her colors than mine. I’m sure Sharon will like it!

Well, that’s what I have on my wall. To see more design walls, check out it looks likes everyones been busy!!


New years day sewing!

What a great way to start the year. Church this morning and then sewing and quilting the rest of the day! I call that a great day!! I worked on the new quilt that I’m making. I have some of the HST’s sewn, the rest of them are marked. I made one of the small blocks that are made of triangle rectangles. That doesn’t sound like it makes sense! Anyway, here’s where I’m at on the progress……

I got the binding attached onto the quilt that I quilted yesterday. I need to have the binding sewn down before my next guild meeting. It would be great to start the new year getting credit for finishing a UFO. This year we’re going to have a drawing at each meeting for anyone that brings in a finished UFO. Maybe I can win a prize. That would be nice!! The quilt is like 100″ square…….wish me luck with getting it done. LOL!!

The rest of the day I was quilting. Hopefully tomorrow will be another productive day.

That’s it for now. I’m tired and going to bed! 🙂