So much has changed…

since the last time I posted anything on here. I really don’t know where to start……………….I guess I’ll go back to my last post and pick up from there. On my design wall was the star quilt that needed the borders, well, I did finish it a couple of weeks ago and we all showed them at our guild meeting. I think 20 people signed up and we only had 3 that finished them and brought them for show and tell. It outgrew the design wall so I had to hang it and let it come over the cutting tables and I still didn’t get the whole thing. Oh well, you just can’t see the bottom borders…..

I also bought another quilting machine at MQS. I now have a new APQS Millineum longarm and I absolutly LOVE it!! My friend Doris named it Millie and my friend Vicky’s husband said that wilth all the quilts I quilt for Vicky, I should name a machine after her. So since the Ultimate 1 machine has the IQ on it, I now call her V’iq’toria. By having the 2 machines I am able to do my custom work on Millie and have Viqtoria do pantographs. Fun,fun,fun!!

Here’s a couple of my UFOs that I finished thanks to Viqtoria!

A little more eye candy…….this is Jill’s quilt.

I worked on my embroidery blocks a bit over the summer. I have 4 finished!! I started these 2 years ago and when I finished the 3rd one, I figured at the rate I was completing them it was going to take me like 30 years!! So I finished block 4 and I’m now working on #5. Maybe now it will only take 20 years!! HAHAHAH!!

I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to go play with Millie and Viqtoria!!

Have a great day!!