Houston, donation quilts, mystery quilts and other stuff

Well, I’ve been super busy these last few weeks. I made it to Houston for quilt festival this year. First time I’ve been. We had a great time and saw some beautiful quilts!! Checked out all the vendors and saw things we’d never seen before. Spent too much money of course, but it was all worth it!!  We had to have our picture taken here…….

Last week was our donation quilt giveaway night. We gave almost 90 quilts to 3 different organizations. They are always so happy to recieve the quilts. Here’s a few pictures I took of some of them.

I’ve been working on my guild mystery quilt too. I finally finished up all those HST’s. Almost 400 in all! UGH!! I do not like squaring up HST’s!!! Anyway, they are squared up and now I’m on to piecing the blocks.I have the squares sewn into rows, now to sew the rows together to make the blocks. I have 3 blocks finished (out of 44)

My LQS was having a great sale today, so I went and bought fabric for my next Lock in mystery quilt. We’re having the Lock in in March, so Sharon and I need to get busy working on our quilts and writing the pattern. Anyway, here’s my fabric choices for this year.

Here’s what’s on the machine. I don’t think I’m ever going to get to the end of this thing. It’s taking forever to get it quilted……..guess I better get back to it.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great day!!


4 thoughts on “Houston, donation quilts, mystery quilts and other stuff

  1. i adore the quilt you have on your machine right now, that piecing is a marvel! have you got a few sections finished so i can see the quilting on it? snap us some pictures and share!


  2. always quilts

    All I have quilted on it has been outlining all the applique and doing SID on the compass blocks. A lot of work, but not much to see. I’m not sure yet what I’ll put in the corners of the compass blocks.


  3. Lucky you, going to Houston. I’ve made up my mind I’m going next year. I had a couple of conflicts this year. Well, that and no money. One of the ladies in our guild goes every year. Her stories when she returns are full of excitment and knowledge, so I’m saving for next year and have already marked those days in my calendar. I like the quilt your making for your aunt. I think we all have fabric we bought for a project and it’s still sitting in our stash. ~Nita


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