county fair time

I always enjoy entering quilts in the county fair. My daughter made her first quilt last December so she entered it and received a blue ribbon! She’s so happy!!

My sister and I both did well on blue ribbons too. The fair is being relocated to new land, so it’s being held in a temporary location. It makes it bad because they used to hang most of the large quilts on the walls and now they have to drape them on racks, so you don’t get to see the whole thing. Anyway, hopefully next year the new fairgrounds will be ready.

I’ve been busy getting quilting done this week and I have neglected my blog here. Shame on me! I plan to stay on top of this.

I quilted a quilt this week that had wavy borders. What does that mean? It’s what you get when you don’t measure the proper length to cut the borders and you just sew the border fabric onto the sides. Many times there’s more fabric than there should be. In order for the quilt to be square the borders need to be the same size. The top and bottom and the 2 sides.  Measure through the center (either vertically or horizontally) and cut the border strips that exact size. Pin the border on the quilt marking every quarter of the quilt. Sew them on then measure through the center again. The opposite of what you measured the first time. Cut the borders that exact size. Sew them on. You might have to fudge a little getting the outside edges of the quilt to fit, but if the borders are the same size then you’ll end up with a square quilt.  (I don’t mean litterally square, it can be a rectangle) What I’m saying is that it will be square as far as the left side, the middle and the right side of the quilt are all the same width or length. If doing mitered corners, it’s a little different.  If I didn’t explain this very well, I would be willing to add a page with pictures showing how to measure and add borders, on my blog here. Let me know.

I’ve been busy canning tomatoes this week and putting corn on the cobb in the freezer. This time of year keeps me busy!! I guess that’s it for now.  Hope you have a wonderful day!!


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