mystery lock in

Well,  Sharon and I hosted our 7th annual lock in on Saturday. It’s the 13th one that’s been held. Janel hosted the first 6 and Sharon and I the last 7. This year Sharon designed the quilt for the class. She wanted to do stars so here’s what she came up with. Hers is the lap size. I did the full size one. (of course mines NOT quilted LOL!) Everybody seemed to have a good time again this year. A few of the ladies had to leave early but the ones that stayed the whole time, all completed at least one block. I took pictures of them with their blocks and border fabric so if you’re interested in seeing the variety of fabrics they used you can view them on my webshots page.  We had 2 of the ladies that made the lap size and they were able to get their quilt tops completed. (not the borders)

Show and tell was great too! I didn’t count the quilts shown, but I bet there was close to 40 quilts brought in and shown. All from past lock ins. Except one that a lady wanted to show. It was a t-shirt quilt made from Harley t-shirts. It looked great!! I took pics of show and tell too.

I’m still trying to recoup from our busy day. It’s a long day and a lot of work getting ready for it, but it’s so much fun!!!

You can see all the blocks and quilts at      in the lock in 2008 file.

I guess that’s it for now. Have a great day!!


3 thoughts on “mystery lock in

  1. Theresa

    The lock in is just what it’s always been called. It started out being held all night, from 6pm to 6am, I guess they called it a lock in because you were there all night? I don’t know for sure.

    It’s just a class where we teach a mystery quilt.


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