all rows completed

I now have all the rows to my mystery sewn. The sashing strips are also sewn together. Now I’m ready to start putting them together. The blocks are large so there is only 5 blocks to each row and then 6 rows for the queen size quilt.

I would’ve been farther along on it except that I had to quilt a customer quilt yesterday. It was supposed to be my last one except that when one of my customers picked up her quilt last week she asked if I could do a baby quilt for her by Christmas and I said sure, so now I have 1 more Christmas quilt to do. Anyway, today it was church, out to eat with bro and SIL, home for about an hour (long enough to change clothes and sew the last 2 rows together)  then over to Mom’s for a birthday party. Now I’m home and ready to sew.

I went back and looked through the blog here and I found out that on Sept 18th I put pics of the bags of pieces that I had, then on Oct 10th I had 3 blocks completed. I’m not going to post pics now of the rows because it might cause me to not continue. Keeping you in suspense is what is motivating me to keep working now. I can hardly wait to show you how it comes out. I think I’ll go work on it!!


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