another day off

We didn’t get the ice as bad as they thought we would but we did get enough to cause them to cancel school again today. Yippee!!!! Another day off!! I love when they call snow days. Yesterday my DH decided to take a day of vacation and stay home too. Even though he was home, I did manage to get the quilt finished that I had on the machine. Start to finish in 1 day. I worked most of the day on it and it’s mostly feathers.

I’m home alone today and so far I’ve emptied the dishwasher, have the 2nd load of laundry in the machine, put up the Christmas tree and loaded the next quilt. I guess I’m doing good. I’ve been up for 2 1/2 hours. I have to hit the shower pretty soon as I have an appointment at the chiropractor this morning. I might run by my LQS while I’m out. That sounds good, don’t ya think?????

Here’s what the backyard looks like. picture-1767.jpg

This is out the front window.picture-1768.jpg

I see I better get going or I’ll be late for my appt. Have a great day and I hope you’re somewhere warm!!!