another one done

I quilted another one today. It was a small quilt for a ladies GD. I also loaded the next quilt that I need to get done. It’s a combination of log cabin blocks and fan blocks. I’ve never seen a quilt like this before.  It’s pretty neat looking.

The lady that made the truck quilt picked it up today and loved it! She was so excited about getting it binded and giving it to her GS for Christmas. His favorite trucks are cement trucks! She liked the way I quilted the cement trucks in the borders.

I think I’ll go quilt a little before going to bed.

Have a good one!


got one done

After taking the weekend off, I was ready to quilt today. I quilted a small quilt. It’s for a little boy that LOVES trucks. His Gr’ma made this for him. I tried to draw the cement truck from the fabric and put one on each of the borders. I guess it looks ok. I’m sure he’ll like it.picture-1762.jpg Here’s a closeup of the truck.picture-1764.jpg

Anyway, that’s what I accomplished so far today. I ordered a bolt of white muslin last week and it came today so I need to go cut a piece for the back of the next quilt that I need to do. I was hoping to get that next quilt loaded before going to bed, but I don’t think that will happen. Oh well, if I at least get the back cut and squared up, I’ll be ready to load in the morning.

I guess that’s it for now.