I had to move a few things around today in order to get to my Christmas decorations and it caused me to do some cleaning. I love it when things are nice and neat but they just don’t stay that way as soon as I start sewing. As for now, I will enjoy my nice organized sewing area! 😀 I know it won’t stay that way for long! ðŸĪŠ

Have a great day!


My rug…..finally done.

I started making a rug several months ago. It was something that I would pick up and add more to it whenever I had a few extra minutes. It’s made using 2 1/2″ strips of fabric. I chose to use all blues. The instructions for making the rug says to cut cotton fabric for both the strips as well as the base strip. Since I was using blue fabrics I decided to see how denim would work for the base. I think it turned out thicker than it would have if I had used just a cotton fabric. I like it and I’m glad I did the denim.

I made it to go in my laundry room, so it ended up being about 22″ wide and 55″ long.

I was on the home stretch when I took the pic. It’s now done! Yea!

I’m thinking I might start another rug…….😀



I did it. 😀 I made a giant string pinwheel block that I will use in the pieced backing of my pinwheel quilt. I was a bit nervous when it came to cutting the string section because if I cut it wrong I would have to remake the string foundation.

Luckily I figured everything correctly and ta da! Here it is. My 40″ pinwheel block.

I put it up on the design wall in front of the quilt so you can see how big it is compared to the blocks in the quilt.

The pinwheel will be the center of the back. I haven’t decided what fabric to use with it to make the back big enough. At this point I’m just glad the giant pinwheel is done.😀


Blue strings

I’ve been working on a new string quilt using only blue fabrics. I previously showed the pieced borders and now I have them sewn on.

After making the quilt top I came up with an idea to make a pieced backing, so…….that’s what I worked on today.You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I do with the back.😀

Have a great day!


Pieced borders

When you think of pieced borders I’m sure something like this is not what you think. I’m only putting these on the sides of the quilt as the top and bottom borders will be plain white borders. I woke up before my alarm went off this morning so I decided to do some early morning sewing.

Have a great day!


Background fills

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to decide on background fills. This quilt was one that I did several different fills on each block. Doing each one different was fine when there was a sashing to separate them. But this section didn’t have the blocks separated so I came up with this idea. One block was pebbled, one block was McTavished and the last block was a combination of both. I like the way it turned out and so did my customer.😀

That’s it for now.



31 day blog post challenge

I haven’t posted anything new for a year. Shame on me! It’s not that I haven’t had anything to post about, I just haven’t done it. So, when I ran across a 31 day challenge, I decided to join in.

My first post will be simple. With lousy weather this weekend, I stayed in and got a lot of quilting done.Here is the stack of quilts from this weekend.

I quilted one with a pattern I hadn’t used before. The pattern is called Papillion, and kind of looks like a squared butterfly.

Ok, that’s it for today’s post.



Do you ever look out your window and see the beautiful sunsets? My kitchen window faces the west and I get to witness God’s beauty in the sunsets.My friend Doris loves sunsets so she asked me if I would take some photos and share them with her. I’ve been taking photos of the beautiful sunsets we’ve been having and here are a few of them.

Design wall 11/20/17 diamond string quilt top

I made slow progress on getting the rows sewn together. I’ve been busy with machine quilting, so my sewing time has been limited. I wasn’t too sure about using that color for the background but I had another color that looked good with it that I could use for the border. (I’m trying to use up my stash).

Anyway, after getting the rows completed, I got the border sewn on and then wondered what I would use for the backing. I didn’t think I would have anything that would look good, but I got lucky and found a couple pieces of leftover fabric that match perfect! I sewed the pieces together and now it’s ready to be quilted. I used the last of the border fabric and cut the binding.

More stash used!! Yea!

The quilt top is on my design wall, since I won’t have time to sew for awhile, I’ll just keep it up there to have some color on the wall. Check out more design walls at

That’s it for now. Have a great week!


Houston quilt show 2017

We had so much fun attending the Houston quilt show again this year. We arrived in Houston the day they were celebrating the Houston Astros winning the World Series! Everything we saw said something about being World Series champions!

I remember a couple years back when the Royals won the World Series and how excited Kansas City was, so I enjoyed being in Houston while they were celebrating their victory! While Kansas City had waited 30 years to become World Series Champions again, Houston had never won a World Series. So after 52 years, they finally did it!! Congrats Houston Astro’s!!!!

Ok, now on to the quilt show……we were super excited about getting to the show and seeing Janet’s quilt. Our good friend Janet Stone, won the top honor this year.

Janet’s work is so amazing!!

Way to go Janet!!

My claim to fame with Janet, is that we shared the nursery when we were born. We discovered that we were born at the same hospital, one day apart. I was born on Saturday and she was born on Sunday. I think she got all the talent! LOL!! But there must have been something in the milk!

Anyway, Once again ALL the quilts were awesome! One of my favorites was this one.

I’m always intrigued by illusions and sorts. So I really liked the way they brought the design out into the border of this one. We didn’t vote for a viewers choice, but if I had, I would have voted for this one!

It’s aways amazes me how creative people can be with fabric.

Until next time……..