My rug…..finally done.

I started making a rug several months ago. It was something that I would pick up and add more to it whenever I had a few extra minutes. It’s made using 2 1/2″ strips of fabric. I chose to use all blues. The instructions for making the rug says to cut cotton fabric for both the strips as well as the base strip. Since I was using blue fabrics I decided to see how denim would work for the base. I think it turned out thicker than it would have if I had used just a cotton fabric. I like it and I’m glad I did the denim.

I made it to go in my laundry room, so it ended up being about 22″ wide and 55″ long.

I was on the home stretch when I took the pic. It’s now done! Yea!

I’m thinking I might start another rug…….😀


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