Accuquilt die

I love using my accuquilt cutter whenever I can. The dies are made to cut one size and that’s it. They can’t make a die for every size of every possible shape there is in the quilting world so sometimes you have to get creative and think of different ways to use the dies. If you have the 10″ square die, you can cut other squares that are smaller too. Here’s what I came up with.

I marked starting with 6″ and did every 1/2″ up to the 10″ cut.

Let’s say I need to cut a 7″ square. I would lay the fabric beyond the 7″ mark.

First cut

Next step, turn the piece around and line up with The marks you made on the die.

Run through the cutter again and you now have a 7″ square.

How easy is that?? I bet you could square up blocks too.

Have you found other ways to use the dies?

That’s it for now.


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